Make My Heart Go Boom Boom Boom

All Of Me, Loves All Of You

Have you ever found that one thing that ties your stomach in knots yet relaxes ever muscle in your body at the same time? That person that you can talk to for hours about absolutely nothing yet everything at the same time? Every time your phone goes off you look all hopefully for the one name you cherish, don't you? Welcome to the dark side, it isn't just cookies here. We have glitter and italian food as well.

With every storm we face together, I see just how much I need him. Without him, I would crumble. I don't expect anyone to understand how quickly or how hard I have fallen in love with this man. He is my sun, moon, and stars. Every sliver of light is like a drink of bliss. Just when I think I am on the edge and about to fall, he saves me. He carries my heart around with him everywhere he goes.

He is all of the words that I have needed to say for so long that I forgot my heart needed to speak.