Ring Ring Baby

Cell Phone Tag

1.What phone do you have?
-Samsung Galaxy Note 2

2.What phone do you want if different from current?
-Maybe a Note 3 or S5

3.What is your background/lockscreen?
-Lockscreen is Dandelions / Background is the first man outside of Loki to ever make it to my background.

4.What is your ringtone?
-Game of Thrones Music if not custom

5.Text tone?
-Hooting Owl if not custom

6.Last picture you took?
-A picture for Nathaniel

7.Last picture you saved?
-The sexiest man in the world

8.Favorite App?

9.Most used app if different from favorite?

10.Last downloaded app?

11.Who texts you the most?
-Tiffany and my mom

12.Who calls you the most?
-My parents

13.Random neat feature of your phone?
-Split screen

14.What do you hate about your phone?
-Not much. That they stopped the pop up browser function

15.What do you love about it?

16.Do you use a case/cover?
-Not currently but I am lusting after one.

17.What does your case/cover look like?
-It will be pretty

18.How often do you change cases?

19.How often do you change you background/lockscreen?
-Monthly if not before

20.How often do you change your ringtone/text tone?

21.Who is in your favorites?
-Parents, Tiffany, Brother, Sister in law, Hunter, and Nephew Hunter

22.What is the next event on your calendar?
-My brother's birthday

23.Do you use any accessories?

24.Which ones?

25.Do you use a signature in your text? If so, what is it?
-I do not