I Don't Think We Are In Kansas...

No One Puts Baby In The Corner

There is something to be said about your faith as you watch tornado after tornado go around you or weaken while they are over you only to strength later on. With that being said, my heart goes out to everyone that was affected by the storms that ripped through our state last night. We are looking at more weather today, but we are hoping it isn't quite as bad this time.

When I was little I was terrified of storms, especially when I would come home and my father would scream at me to get in the laundry room with pillows and not to get out. I would hide in there for hours. Any time it would thunder I would crawl in the corner. My brothers never stayed and my father would keep watch. The other memory I have of tornadoes is when my father stood outside as I begged for him to come inside. I watched the funnel cloud pass over us and lower that day. It touched down a short bit away from my house, wiping out a good bit of the main street of our town. So for years the only way I could hide my fear was to be fascinated by the storms. I would study them and watch them.

I spent a good bit of my evening worrying about others and barricaded in a corner. I didn't stop to think about the pattern then. This morning I just knew I was scared. It took a dear friend telling me to realize what the storms had done. I watch radars and live streams all evening. My focus? Not me. I was worried about my friends and family that were in various areas. Would that one effect this person? Is that one going straight for Huntsville?

I watched as storms headed my way. One just north of me. Another just south. Then came the ones that would go straight over me. I watched in horror as there were reports of them touching down. Even then my first thought was that I didn't want my friends to worry about me. I just prayed.

As the storms with the circulation reached my county line, I waited in tears to see if they would extend the warnings. They didn't. Each storm weakened before getting to me; however, some of them strengthened again after I was out of harms way. I am truly blessed and protected.

To all the friends that talked to me constantly last night: thank you for keepinng me sane and somewhat okay. You are all amazing and I love you tons. And only because I really love this song...