Om Nom Nom Nom

Favorite Foods

Chinese Food

 -Seriously, anything Chinese. I try to avoid the spicy foods, but I love everything else.

Mexican Food

 -I have no clue why. It is usually good to me; however, I do get picky with menus.

Southern Food

 -What isn't to love? Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, mac n cheese, gravy, do I need to keep going?


 -To this day the Las Vegas rolls from a local place is my favorite. I have tried several other kinds and like it though. I try to avoid tuna though.

Italian Food

 -I am sure I can add real Italian food to this soon; however, for the time being, Olive Garden counts. It is one of the main places where I will actually try new things regularly. Who doesn't eat pizza? Oh, you don't? Shame on you!

Fruits and Vegetables

 -You can never go wrong with these!!