It Started With A Kiss...

What woman doesn't dream of her big day? Of walking down the aisle in a white dress and a fist full of flowers? I was that girl. I had everything figured out. I knew everything I wanted. The problem was that I never seen myself getting married, but then he walked into my life and my vision and thoughts shifted. One suggestion from a friend and everything felt right. Images fell into place and suddenly I could see it perfectly clear. I have been asked to share my ideas and my vision for what I want on that day, so here it goes lovelies.

For the wedding: I want something small. My overall idea and view is a book related wedding. Hunter has a venue in mind that sounds splendid. My color inspiration is peacock feathers (Teals, Blue, and Purples). I would love to have a circular shaped setup to maximize the view for everyone. I want everyone to be able to see my big day. Instead of a unity candle or sand, I want us to pot a plant and mix the soil. As a token of our love and relationship, we will love and nature the plant as we will each other and our relationship, so that we grow, live, and survive.

The reception will be outside. I want a mix of chandeliers up high, lanterns and candles. Guests will have activities that they can complete and leave for us to enjoy! It will be all about having fun and enjoying the start of a lifetime together.

I will have three women beside me: Tiffany, Hunter, and Mary Ann, all in boots. Each of their dresses will be uniquely theirs as long as they cooridinate as well. I want each girl to give me a copy of their favorite love stories. Feel free to include notes, tips, favorite parts, highlights, whatever you want.

There will be many photos taken on my big day, but there are a few that I will cherish beyond belief. When we speak to each other one last time (without seeing each other) as engaged, whether it is to reassure each other or just to pray. The first time my husband sees me in my dress. That is a moment I want frozen in time forever.