Day 4: Religion

Day 4:

Your views on religion

For many years I went to church every chance I could. Then suddenly my world crumbled. I turned away and questioned my faith instead of praying. I had prayed so many times without seeing an answer. I grew up in a church that criticized me for everything; my music, my clothes, my friends, even my family.

I was the girl who researched different religions but never settled on one. I still believed in God and prayed once in a blue moon, but I never put my religion first. Even now I have an eclectic view of religion. I believe in spirits. I believe in the power of nature and the earth, not just from the view that God created it. I still hold my native roots even though I have not been fully taught in their ways.

Every day is a constant battle. I sin and I fall short. I have a long way to go, but I know where I want to be. I am a Christian. I am not perfect, and I shame him often; however, I am trying. My love for God has grown so much, as I have grown. I cannot wait until I move so that I can go back to church again. I am ready to learn and grow through Christ. I have watched so many miracles that I wonder how I turned away when I was younger. Who was I to question him? He had a plan and a path for me. It was a hard path with a plethora of demons, but I made it through.

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Mary Ann