Childhood Memories: Home Alone

I'm Kevin!!!

Home Alone was a very popular movie for me growing up. I always loved to watch it around the holiday times. My brother and I especially enjoyed it. Well, that was until the day we wanted to fight over who was Kevin. I will give him one thing, he goes by his middle name which is Kevin; however, the fight was in theory not about the name, but about who would outsmart intruders.

Needless to say the argument was a very heated one. There was a lot of yelling involved. I finally got fed up with him fighting with me. I decked him in the face and busted his nose. Do I pride myself in losing my temper? Not even close; however, there was some satisfaction in proving that I could take up for myself. That was the first time I ever hit him. I was a tiny little thing between the ages of two and three. I don't believe I ever repeated the action, but I am sure I considered it over the years.