ECLP: Confessions Of A Planner Junky

  1. I have two sets of pens, yet I still want tons more.
  2. Coloring coding doesn't work for me, but varying colors to create a rainbow effect does.
  3. I am afraid to write in my planner for fear I will mess up.
  4. There is a notebook of days to add to my ECLP when it arrives.
  5. I prefer stamps over stickers in most cases.
  6. Checking my order status has become borderline obsessive.
  7. I have always loved school and office supplies, but this is a whole new level.
  8. Tiny things for my planner get me the most excited.
  9. I am already excited to buy more covers.
  10. Washi tape keeps finding its way into my house. I have no clue how.