Christmas In July: Fur Baby Christmas

Christmas For My Animals

I have always done Christmas for my pets. The dogs and cats even have stockings that I fill with goodies. My animals are like family to me, so I treat them as such. I always wondered what fun it would be to have a pet that could unwrap their own presents. A few years ago, I was blessed with finding out what it would be like. For the first time I had an animal that would love to unwrap things. My miniature pot belly pig, Josephine or Josie for short, loved when we allowed her to tear into things.

So for her first Christmas, I bought her some sugar snap peas (One of her favorites) and wrapped them for her. She didn't take long to tear into them, but it was so much fun to watch her enjoy her first Christmas with us. Baby, my siberian husky, was happily chewing on a huge bone as the felines slapped at new toys and fresh catnip. It was a wonderful fur baby Christmas that year.