Late Night Mommy/Daughter Time

"I Pushed Natey Out Of The Way"

It has been a late night, but it has been an amazing one! I didn't realize just how much I needed a pick me up. I was awoken by a very happy and hyper boyfriend. Someone hopped him up on sugar. He came with surprises though. My daughter received her first Erin Condren Life Planner!!! We had no idea! She was also treated to a shopping trip for new planner supplies. She came back with tons of punches, stickers, and paper. I am so proud to know that she is going to be crafty like I am. She even bought special butterfly stickers to use for play time with Eloise.

I have loved staying up talking about our planners with her. The conversation then lead to our first Disney trip coming up in January. Neither of us has been to Disney World before. Knowing that I will share that experience with her makes it ten times better for me. She is excited about Minnie Mouse kisses! She has also requested that we dine with the princesses, so we are having breakfast with them. I am excited about the Magic Carpets and Mickey shaped everything!

Nothing can compare to the time that I spend with her. She brightens my world.