June 2014 Favorites

Lovely Addictions For The Month

Erin Condren Life Planner - I am very new to EC products. This will be my first planner and I am super excited. My planner has not arrived yet, but I am already in love with it. Each day I am looking up new ideas, items, and inspiration.

Lush Bath Bomb Phoenix Rising - This was my first Lush bath bomb and I was very impressed. The color of this is gorgeous! I loved how silky it made the water and, in turn, made me feel. Now let's address the scent. I thought I had died and went to heaven. I already loved Lush, but this reminded me why I love it so much. I cannot wait to use another one.

Lush Bath Bomb Big Blue - Beach Babe is in love!!! I halfed this with a friend of mine, and I really regretted it. I wish I would have kept it all to myself. This was the perfect beachy scent that helped me relax after a long day on my feet. This is a definitely repurchase for me.

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee - Ipsy gold!!! I had been wanting to try this gloss after hearing Young Wild and Polished and Vintage or Tacky talk about these lines from NYX. The texture of this is so creamy and lushicous without being sticky. My only recommendation is that you exfoliate your lips prior to wearing it unless you want every line, ridge, and flake of skin to show. It is very lightly scented. Nothing offensive at all. I am looking forward to trying a few other shades.

Realtree for Her Sample - Yet another Ipsy gold. My sample was in a little zipper bag thank heavens, because it leaked; however, the scent of this is divine. It is not a scent I would usually go for, so I am pleasantly surprised. I am looking into getting a full size of this.

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise - This is a polish that I have had for about two years now, and I still reach for it! The color is gorgeous! Two coats and you are ready to go. I typically pair this with Coconut Kiss by the same company.

Turkish T Towel - This multifunctional piece of heaven is spectacular. I used mine as a wrap/cover up. I will be straight here, I am a velumptious woman. To find a towel that wraps around me completely, leaves room to tie it, and does not gap open? A miracle. I will never travel without this again. I have not used it as a towel yet, but I hear it is amazing for that as well.

Neutrogena Beach Defense Spray in SPF 70 - For several years now I have used the Coppertone Sport Spray. It was good and got the job down, but this is ten times better. It does not leave a greasy feeling behind. I love the scent of this as well. It does not advertise bug repellant in this product; however, while wearing this I noticed a huge decline in bug bites. Unlike the Coppertone, this does not break down or turn white when exposed to water or a lot of sweat. I have now switched and will not be looking back.

Papermate Flair Pens - I have had this set of pens for several years now and they are still going!!! I love the way they write and the type of marker tip they offer. The colors are vivid. I can write with force from time to time and the tips have held up to the pressure. I am excited to use these in my new ECLP.

Etsy.com - Daily addiction. I am always checking for new items for my ECLP. Whether it is stickers, stamps, jewerly, etc. Etsy is bound to have something that you are looking for. That is part of the problem for me.

Mater's Pizza in Gadsden AL - This is food stop number one each year when I am in town for a car show. Their pizza is like heaven on earth and piled high with toppings. I always get the Better Girl and Fried Mushrooms. I am already looking forward to going again; however, this time +Nate and Avary are coming with me.

School Bag Tote - I found this beauty at a car show. It may be huge, but I love it so much. I was only going to use it for school, but I see me using this a lot more than that.

Tiny Stickers and Tiny Stamps - As for these... Planner heaven! The stamps are some that I purchased with a gift card I won. The stickers are some that I have saved to purchase for my ECLP. I am in love with all of these tiny embellishments. I am building quite the collection of tiny stamps and stickers. I love the reusable aspect of the stamps; however, some of the sticker options are just too cute to pass up.

Human Favorites: Goes to children this month. Avary, Eloise, and the twins are my favorite little humans this month.

Do you have a product that you are just loving this month? Leave it in the comments below. I love to hear your suggestions.