Christmas In July: Making Christmas - Ornaments!!!

There is always something to be said about the decorations and ornaments on someone's Christmas tree each year. Many choice to decorate with ornaments that are special to them. That can sometimes be hard with more personal ornaments. So I took time to find more DIY ideas for making ornaments.

These are just a few of the lovely Disney ornament ideas that I found! I was amazed at how easy and fun it would be to create these. I would love to save or find small little items on Disney vacations to make ornaments out of. I am excited to find new inspiration to capture our family memories of Disney for our Christmas trees.

It is no surprise that I found some wonderful nerdy ideas as well. Whether it is video games, books, or toys there is a way to make an ornament for it. I loved finding cute Harry Potter ornament ideas. These would make wonderful Christmas presents as well!

And my favorite ones of all. +Nate and I have talked about having many different trees in our home. One of my favorite ideas was a beach themed tree, so that each time we visit the beach together we can collect sand, shells, and other things for our tree. It inspired me to come up with some ideas of my own, like writing out wishes or reasons why we love each other and putting them in an ornament each year. We can choose to open them on Christmas morning or just leave them a secret. I would love to use the same idea with a copy of my little one's letter to Santa.

I hope that you have all found inspiration for Christmas ornament ideas for your tree this year. Have fun creating this wonderful memories with family and friends this coming up holiday season!

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