Popsugar Must Have July 2014

Each month is another waiting game for me. I sit and wait for my Popsugar subscription to arrive. In the few months I have had this box, I have fallen in love. I am not sure there is a box that could top this for me. Now onward to the goodies and the reason why you lovelies are here in the first place.

Michael Stars Beach Hat - I was a little on the fence about this hat until +Hunter and I had the idea to wear these together at Disney World with +Mary Ann. We have the perfect park in mind as well. Being collapsible will help save space while packing as well. Win win!

ACME Party Box Company Straws - Squealing happened on these! I love chevron patterned anything in all honesty. My exact words were, "They are too pretty to even use!" These will be fun for lounge days by the pool or on the beach.

Sun Bum Sunscreen and Lotion - I am a very pale skinned woman. Sunscreen is always welcome to keep me from being a lobster after only an hour or so in direct sunlight. The smell wasn't too terrible; therefore, I am excited to try these. I may have to pack these up for my trip to Orlando in the near future.

Dang Foods Toasted Coconut Chips - Ahh the reason why I couldn't take a picture of my box this month. I tore into these bad boys within minutes and devoured every tiny morsel. I even went online looking for locations that sale these near me. My patience is wearing thin on waiting until I am in Orlando or Huntsville to have these again. I need a huge bag or a never ending supply. Some suggest using these as a topping for salads or desserts, but I ate them straight from the package and was in heaven.

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara - I have been into trying new mascaras lately and this one is no exception. I normal do not pick up mascara with this type of wand and brush, but I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of it with my lashes. This one helped with the stubborn gap I have in my lashes where they lay rather funny. I would definitely wear this again.

TKO Jump Rope - Since I am trying to get myself into better shape, I am excited for this even though I was never much for jumping rope. It is surprisingly weighted in a way I can see it benefiting my arms as well as my legs. This will be some quick and easy cardio.

French Buff Salad Servers - When +Hunter told me about these being in our boxes, I was prepared with ideas of how to use them with our children from sword fighting to sensory play; however, these are just too cute not to put to good use as what they were intended for. I love how fun and colorful they are.

For more opinions on this wonderful box, you can visit Hunter with her review here.