Under the Weather

Taking a Sick Day

What do you do when you are sick? Movie marathon? Break the record for how many times you can sneeze in an hour? Here is how I spend mine.

If I am sick, you will find me cocooned in my blankets usually with a cup of tea or broth. I will sometimes do a movie marathon or the like. Making me laughing is your best bet at getting me to come out anytime soon. I sleep a lot when I do not feel good. Most medicines that I require also knock me out for a while. Yep, you got it, I am that person. One allergy pill and I will see you in four to eight hours. Don't let me sleep when I take it? You might want to run and hide. I don't require to be taken care of outside of making sure I have something to drink. I don't typically eat when I am sick either. Don't fret, I bounce back.