A Girl And Her Barney Lunch Box

Training For Purse Swinging

Wearing pigtails has always been my thing. It started at a young age. By the time I started Kindergarten, I was a whopping 32 pounds. I was tiny to say the least. When I started riding the bus, the driver was always scared that I would get hurt. She made sure I always had my own seat right behind her in the front. What no one realized was that this tiny shy girl could take up for herself. I grew up with two older brothers. Is there ever any doubt for a younger sister to know how to defend herself? After so long you get tired of missing out on the food, getting pushed around, and not getting a turn on the nintendo.

The day started like any other. I packed my lunch and waited for the bus to show up. When I take my seat with my pigtails dangling behind me, I didn't pay much attention to who was sitting behind me. Little did I know, it was my brother's friend Hershel that lived down the street. He was yet another boy that liked to pick on me with my brothers in tow. I was quietly minding my own business with my Barney lunch box in my lap.

After we start moving, Hershel starts pulling on my pigtails. First time, I ignore it thinking it was a mistake. The second time, I move them so he has to reach for them. Third time, I ask him to stop. Fourth time? Not so nice about it. I politely turn around and smack him in the head with my lunch box. After telling the bus driver the situation at hand, I was let off the hook with a warning that it wasn't ladylike to hurt others even when they are bullying me. Hershel soon took my seat in the front of the bus. After that I was allowed to sit wherever I wanted; however, that didn't save my lunch, which was ruined.