Fresh Start Challenge Day 22: What If?

Just 15 Minutes...

My what if moment is not personally something I could control. I will do another blog for the morning of this day at a later time.

The back story: My grandfather, PawPaw, had just recently had open heart surgery almost two months before, on Valentine's day. The glorious part? He had already been cleared for light to moderate duty. His doctors were in awe of how quickly he had healed and how well he was doing. Being released meant he could get back to doing what he loved so much, gardening. He couldn't drive his tractor, but he could start preparing and laying down his seed. Gardening was his life. I am still amazed at how he could grow anything.

Fast forward almost two months later, April 12, 2001: PawPaw has felt a little under the weather and decides to go to the doctor to get checked. After an X-Ray they determine he has a very small touch of pneumonia. After administering the antibiotic shot, he was released to go home. As soon as they got back, my mother went to get his prescription. The pharmacy rushed it through under the circumstances.

She was gone for 15 minutes...

What if she wouldn't have left so soon? If she would have stayed, could she have saved him?

It goes without saying that I wish that he never would have had to go home that day. I know he is still with me and that he watches over me, but there are so many things that I wish I could share with him. Even as the memories fade and the pictures have all collected dust, I can still remember how wonderful and gentle he was. So below is one of his favorite songs. May he whistle along from heaven, like he always did on earth.