Working 9 to 5

Well 10 To 7 Actually

I will not disclose where I was working, but only the manner of which my job was conducted. I was answering technical support calls. First, I love to help other people. I may not have applied for the job I was given, nor was it a job that I knew how to do; however, nothing brightened my day more than having a customer thanking me for making their day better by helping them. Even the irate British lady made my day. I couldn't help that I loved her accent too much to cut her off like everyone else had.

With that being said, there is a reason why they have a new training class each month. Keeping this job is not easy and it wears you down like there is no tomorrow. I met some amazing people at this job, but I was constantly cut down and belittled. Being criticized for things outside of your control is not a way to keep employees that want to take care of your customers. How can I prevent an ice storm from taking out their internet connection? Is it really on me that the previous tech agent did not check the serial number for the defective model? Do I sound scripted? It is because I was. Deviating from it would cost me my job.

Who knew I would be good with over the phone customer service, because I had no clue. I just was not cut out to be yelled at and blamed by higher ups for things outside of my control. Before leaving, at least I can say I was in the top five of my training class in terms of scores.