April 2014 Favorites

Humans: Without these lovelies, I would be lost. They have held me together, encouraged me, and excepted me for who I am. We have the best conversations. We have so many more memories to make together.
+Mary Ann

Cadbury Eggs - Yes, I was the weird person that had never had one. My favorite person told me to try them and now I am wondering what I have been doing with my life all these years. I am sad that I can't find anymore.
Harvest Caesar Snapea Crips - These are delicious! I have went through several bags of these this month.
Amy's Thai Pad Thai - This stuff is so yummy. I could eat this just about every day. This has been my go to since my store stopped carrying the Teriyaki Bowl
Dubble Bubble Eggs - Finally!! A gum I can chew that lasts more than five minutes!!

Shower and Smelly Goods:
Lush Popcorn - Life saving product for my lips. Not to mention this is tasty and edible.
Lush Ocean Salt - I have noticed a huge difference in my skin using this.
Lush Charity Pot - When I first opened this, I hated the scent; however, I vowed to use it. I fell in love with it. My skin is so soft now. I love it!
(Sense a theme)
Bath & Body Works Fragrance in Beautiful Day - This was suggested to me by my bestfriend and soon to be roommate and it has quickly become my favorite perfume to wear.

Too Face Return of Sexy Palette - Each time I have used this palette, I have been extrememly impressed. I have a whole post on this palette with swatches that I will link here.

China Glaze in Seahorsin Around - I have been wearing this often. I am still getting used to the texture, but it is such a captivating color.
Julep Vivid Collection - I received these in my subscription box. I upgraded for the month to receive all of the polishes and I don't regret it one bit. I will link the blog post with pictures and links here.

Lace Print Chiffon Illusion Babydoll - I am in love with this top. It fits in just the right places, yet is flowly and free in others.
Floral Chiffon Hi-Lo Dress - I cannot wait for the perfect chance to wear this dress. You best bet I pranced around the store in this when I tried it on.

What are you favorites for the month of April? I would love to know. Leave me a comment down below with your favorites or a link to where I can see/watch yours.