Favorite Desserts To Make Myself

Sweet Tooth - Master Chocolatier

All but one of these desserts were passed down to me in my family. It is tradition to make candy at Christmas time for gifts. I am so excited to start doing this again this year with a special little helper by my side.

Chocolate Cherry Chunk Brownies

These delicious brownies have a sugary sweet cherry layer that is absolutely melt in your mouth decadent.

Peanut Butter Balls

Do you like Reese's Cups? Here you go, but better.

Mounds Balls

Sweetly wrapped coconut in a creammy center covered in chocolate. Even better than the Mounds you can buy in stores.

Irish Potato Candy

Wait! I know it sounds terrible, but it is amazing! You would never know it is made with potatoes unless you know the recipe or you watch someone make it.