Fresh Start Challenge Day 24: I Can Feel You All Around Me

Why Do I Offer Everything With My Heart Closed Like A Fist?

As a teen, I was lost. I was being pulled in so many directions. The day I started going to church with my sweet Brandy, I knew I was where I belonged. I watched God work in those youth services more times than not. I was even caught up in the tears and the prayers. I quickly become a member of the drama team. Time after time it was something amazing to experience. It wasn't long until I had my first solo part in a drama with another girl.

I was nervous to say the least. What if I messed up in front of everyone? A very large group of the "popular kids" was there in the front row to laugh at me (which they did anyways) if I messed this up. But before going on, I took off my shoes and I prayed. As I took the stage I felt empowered. I let him work through me. I had never felt him so powerful before.

Many times before and since I have felt him, but that was the first time it hit home and brought me to tears that were solely my own. That was the first church I felt at home in. I was eager to go and eager to learn. I will never forget that day and that feeling.