Fresh Start Challenge Day 16: The Best Ever!!!

The Cutest Smile

Many say that no feeling will top seeing your child for the first time. I can now say that I agree completely. The best thing to happen to me this week? Seeing the cutest, freckled face little girl. I may not have given birth to her, but I fell in love with her the instant I saw her. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you become a mother.

Every doubt I had about becoming a mother faded away. It was replaced with the protective love that only a mother knows. I can see the future in her eyes. The years of mani pedi nights and teaching her how to apply her makeup when she is going on her first date as her daddy sits by the door, waiting. Chasing her through the garden and blowing bubbles on lazy summer nights. As the years go by, I will never forget this moment. As she grows up, I hope she can look back and see that I loved her from the moment I laid eyes on her. And of course she will have this post to remind her on the rough days, that I will always be by her side.

So to my first little princess, Avary, you are my world and my future. We are going to create so many wonderful memories full of laughter and some tears; however, I will always be here to dry those tears and to share those smiles. I may not have carried you, but you will always be my first. With all my heart.