Fresh Start Challenge Day 18: Inspiration

Do Not Give Up, The Beginning Is Always The Hardest

My inspiration for blogging comes from so many different places. My first inspirations were my best friends and boyfriend. They inspired me to get started and encouraged me to keep going. First: +Mary Ann, she tagged me in several survery type posts and I just couldn't say no anymore. I have followed every link, and asked about the products that interest her. The glitter rubs off on you eventually. Next up: +Hunter, I have read every word of her blog for months now. This woman is a part of my every day life. Not because I am forced to, but because she is my best friend. She helped me getting started and showed me how everything works. +Odette, has also inspired me with how real her posts are. Finally: +Nate, He has encouraged me with every word I write. He is eager and excited for each post and always giving me ideas. He is patient with me while I take the time to let my heart out. These people are truly amazing. And to a special someone who always reads my posts, even if he uses them to get ideas, +Chris.

My other inspiration comes from a number of things. I am a writer at heart. It had been a few years, but I have missed this feeling. Even if no one reads my blog, just letting the words flow from my fingertips feels wonderful. Unlike some, I write for myself and not for the attention of others. I love having the "light bulb" moment for ideas. Whether it is from hearing a song or a particular event in time, I love writing about it and sharing it with everyone. Think of it as my written scrapbook of time.