Fresh Start Challenger Day 17: Seasons Come, Season's Go

Four Things You Love About Each Of The Four Seasons

 -Watching everything come to life again.
 -The scent of flowers blooming even though it kills my allergies
 -Listening to the wildlife flourish, especially little birdies
 -Saying goodbye to the cold

 -Warmer weather made for swimming
 -Even more beach trips (Like I need a season for these)
 -Car shows galore
 -Relaxing outside with something cool to eat/drink

 -Watching the leaves change color
 -The smell of burning leaves (Yes I went there)
 -Warm days and cool nights

 -The silhouettes of trees like wicked reminds that we are all bare at some point.
 -Busting out the boots
 -Christmas Everything!!!
 -Cozy fires