Can You Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind?

Color My World

You know that moment of total amazement when you realize just how perfect your significant other is for you? I know that I have had my fair share of those with Nathaniel; however, what happened last night blew me away completely. I was left speechless and staring in utter amazement.

We have had numerous moments, from picking out similar pictures and styles for the same room in our home or disliking the same elements of the design ideas. (Those window dressings really were atrocious.) Not to mention the night he freaked out telling Hunter how amazing I am because I actually eat fast food. I know I have had several of those moments as well. I cannot count how many times I have thanked her for introducing the two of us, and I thank God every time I pray for blessing me with him. Now on to the good part.

I love to color and I take it seriously. So when he mentioned that he loved to color, it instantly turned into who could out do the other. We never saw this conversation coming, nor did we realize just how strange it would get. You can say that you love to color until you are blue in the face, but you have to love it to have a four inch binder of nothing but coloring sheets. Little did I know he matched me with his own binder full. When he started showing me coloring sheets and his pastels, I had the thought that I organize my crayons. Yes you just read that. I am that person, not because I have to have them in order, but because I like having all the color families together in order to pick the best shade for what I am coloring. Then this was sent to me...

His Crayons
My Crayons

And if that wasn't enough we still kept popping color things back and forth. We showed off our collections and some things we have colored. And to put the cherry on top...

Those pictures were sent within seconds of each other. To everyone else I know this seems outlandish and you are probably wondering why this is such a big deal for me. I don't just love coloring, it is something that calms me down. Ever since I was little I have loved it. Some of my earliest memories are of me crawling up into my grandfather's lap so that we could color together. Some days it feels like coloring is all that I have left of him. To have this connection with Nathaniel means a lot to me. It feels like my grandfather sent him to me sometimes. I know that he would approve of him.