Fresh Start Challenge Day 23: The Goddess

Or So He Calls Me

Five Facts About My Awesomeness

  1. Half of my hair is naturally gray.
  2. I don't curl my lashes when I wear makeup.
  3. I can't sleep in socks.
  4. I would rather be barefoot.
  5. I love mythical creatures: fairies, mermaids, dragons, etc.


  1. Well, I was a little surprised when you said your Dad said you were so much like Momma, but your #1 statement reminds me if her.

    1. I started getting gray at the age of nine. He said my thirst for learning reminded him of her as well.

  2. 1. I love crinkle paper.
    2. I own a record player.
    3. I've been in a blimp before.
    4. I've actually performed in a circus before.
    5. Valentine's Day is actually my favorite holiday even though I've been singly 95% of the Valentine's Days in my life.

    1. Number 4 definitely caught me by surprise, yet I love that about you. I can relate to number 5.