This Week On Pinterest...

My Top 15 Pins From The Past Week

Cherry Pie Bars - Sweets are my thing! Add in my favorite with cherries, and I am so excited to try these. I know a few people that will love these to no end!

Jane Inspired Outfit - I am in love with this! It is gorgeous! I have already found the necklace here.

Dino Dig - I think my library children will love this idea for some of the dinosaur books I have picked out. It helps that Ms. Up is extremely excited as well.

Pastel Water Color Stamping Tutorial - Gearing up for when I am able to scrapbook again. I will also be trying cards with some of my new tools and toys.

Stitch Travel Tumbler - This is just adorable with it looking like Stitch is trapped in your drink.

Peacock Bridal Tiara - When +Mary Ann showed me this I screamed. It is perfect and stunning.

Quote - This spoke to my heart. It is all the words that I couldn't find to express my thoughts.

Painting With Eggs - If allowed, I would love to do this at work for art. I also plan to do this at home for a fun date and stress relief.

Together List - Speaking of dates... Here is a fun list of small things I think we will enjoy doing together and as a family.

Girly Dream Catcher - I have been making dream catchers for years, but I am excited to try this new spin on them.

Icy Imaginary Play - Lets visit Antarctica and the penguins in the library as we have fun while learning!

Colorful Chandelier - I have to contain myself when talking about this! I love it so much. It is eccentric and strange.

Washi Tape Tea Light Favors - I love this idea for washi tape! It is adorable and will make wonderful favors and small thank yous!

Stunning Gingerbread House - I cannot wait to recreate this beautiful gingerbread house for the holidays!

Recipe Scrapbook Page - This is a gorgeous layout and idea for my scrapbook. I have several recipes I would love to preserve like this.