You Have No Power Over Me

I Am Not Yours To Break

This is a blog about power. The power not to let you tear me down. After all this time, your memory wants to rear it's ugly head with all the terrible things you ever said; however, that just proves my worth. I may have cried for an hour or two, but you can't keep me down. If I wasn't worth anything, like you led me to believe, you wouldn't have stayed how long you did. You wouldn't have felt the need to fabricate lies not only about me, but yourself as well. Remember your audience was more of the ones that you hurt and treated the same way. 

There will come a time when someone asks you why you did the things you did. Maybe then you will stop to think of what you did. The lives you could have ruined. I doubt that you will, but in some sense you will have to answer for the things you have done.

We are the strong ones. I may not have stood up to you then, but I will not be silenced by you again. I will not let a ghost dictate my life and how I feel. We are the ones that got away. We have went on to live our lives wonderfully. We have bonded together and more than mended the things you have broken. You made us stronger. In our strength, you cannot bring us down. You cannot bring me down.

Let's be honest here, I was too much woman for your narrow mind. It takes a true man to see the exquisite form in something abstract and unique. I am like a beautifully cracked stained glass. I may have a few imperfections, yet I still glow when the light shines through me. I have more interest with my fractures of glass, they are my stories. I am made stronger by my resistance to break.