Scraping My Life Away: Storage Ideas - Sequins

Glitz and Glam

While playing around on YouTube, I ran across a really fun idea for sequin storage. I had previously thought of this with my beads, but lets face it, I have too many beads for that. I love the look of this, especially out for display. I stumbled upon Mercy Tiara on YouTube and Blogger and have been fascinated for hours. I have watched several of her videos now. I am getting very inspired to scrapbook again. She has a whole series on the scrapbooking subscription service I found and how she uses her kits each month!

Here is the blog post about the storage idea and the video for those who are interested in seeing it.

I have several of these that I ordered for jewelry making that are just too large for pendants. I am excited to put them to good use now. I will provide a link, here, for some glass jars if you are interested in using them for any projects or storage ideas you have.