Fresh Start challenge Day 28: Small Room, Lowest Floor...

Near The Center Of The House, And Away From Windows

Living in the middle of tornado alley is never something to brag about. Everyone around me knows those words, and the man who speaks them year after year. For years, I didn't prepare for severe weather, but that has all changed. Where I am now may not be ideal, but I will be moving soon. In my new home, there is a lot more preparation that goes into severe weather threats. Whether it is an emergency kit, extra clothes, and shelter, preparation is at the top of the list.

With the recent storms that have went through, I actively checked the radars for upcoming storms. During most of that time, I was barricaded in a corner of my room shielded behind a mattress, since there is a window in my room. This was something very hard for me. Tight spaces make me panic. Even so, I was more worried about the ones I care about. Having them to talk to me through it all greatly helped. I was blessed that day.